Ways to Make Money Playing Poker

We all love playing poker. It's lot of fun. But fun is not the only thing that we seek when we play poker. We expect to win a lot of cash. But if you think watching all those poker matches on the TV will help you then you are wrong. Because it is only going to harm you and make you lose whatever skills you have developed. There are a few things you need to do to win consistently at a poker game.

The first thing you will have to adopt is versatility. You have to vary your strategy with varying games. If it is a tournament then the games are likely to be played by clever and smart poker players. But if the game is not a tournament the players are not likely to be professionals and the bankrolls are likely to be very high. If you can play smart and trick your opponents in this sort of games then you will probably need a bag to carry all the money you can win.

When you go for playing you will always find some normal players known as fish and some smart ones known as sharks. Always chose a room with a lot of fish and a few sharks. Go room to room and watch them play for a while and figure out how many of what sort are there. You can find them out by the way they play the game.

Normally fish would call and keep calling and go all the way. Their chips will disappear quickly. And the sharks will do a lot of preflop raisings and bluff but they will act extra aggressive. If you spot a shark, leave the room and go to the next one.

Be smart in cleaning the fish off. Purchases the max buy in. Intimidate the fish. Make them raise their bet. But never volunteer in raising the table. The fish will get confused and might fold. Do not let them fold. Fake your expressions. Even if they know that you are faking it, they will be confused. Learn all the odds of the poker game so that you can have an upper hand on the fish.

Set yourself a target. Once you have won that, cash it and get out. Do not just stay there and keep playing. You might lose all the money in a single game. Maybe, once you have doubled your money, cash it. This will stop you from making foolish and stupid decisions. Never get overconfident and never neglect your opponents. And if things go wrong and you keep on losing, set yourself a stop loss target. If you reach that leave the room. Do not just stay there hoping that you will. You might end up losing all your money.


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