7 Poker tournament tips

There are tons of tournament tips out there. Everyone has a different idea of how a tournament should be played. Truthfully, there's no one right way.

Tournaments are won by a combination of skill and luck. However, if you follow these seven tournament tips, you can tip the scales in your favor. It could make a big difference in your results!

1. Play like you mean it. Pretend youíre at the final table of the WSOP every time youíre playing in a tournament. Do your best always and your guaranteed good results!

2. Betting is better than calling. Tournaments are won by the most aggressive players more often than not. Aggression goes far in poker, especially No-Limit Texas Holdem. Betting is power. It gives you information. If you don't bet, you might as well fold.

3. Change gears. Be unpredictable. Mix up your play. If players get a good read on you, they can beat you. In a tournament situation, this can mean the difference between a win or a loss.

4. Donít dance with the bigger stacks. Unless you have a monster hand, get out of the big stacksí way. You donít want to play against people who can bust you unless you are sure you have the best of it. Rather, pick on the smaller stacks to build up your chips. This works especially well in the middle to late stages of an event.

5. Play the player. With an aggressive player, try a slow-play. Let him bet so you can reap all the benefits. With a tight player, become more aggressive. This goes hand in hand with tip #3.

6. Have a strategy going into the game. Think about how you want to play and do it. However, your strategy should be flexible enough to allow for changes based on table and player conditions. It's a guideline, not a prison!

7. When your chips get low, pick a spot and go all-in. The danger zone occurs when you have between 5 and 10 times the big blind. For example, if you have 1,000 chips and the blinds are 50-100, you are in the danger zone. You may have to make a risky play with a rag hand. Don't be afraid. Just do it!


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