Poker Tells

Understanding poker tells is a key skill in poker. Here we discuss some poker tells happening at live poker games, in other words at a brick and mortar casino. With respect to online poker tells, they also exist, but they are different and obviously fewer as you cannot see your opponents.

Learn to see tells and you will gain hints in your opponents' hand strength.

Some people show tension, touch or even pick up their chips if they are going to bet, and a few dummies actually take the exact number needed to raise. Since many people bet with their right hand, you can't see the chips, but you can see the movement to pick them up. If you see such a clear, reliable signal, you can confidently slow play a big hand or fold a marginal one.

Some people obviously "threaten" to bet by picking up their chips when they are going to call. Others do exactly the same thing when they intend to fold, because they hope to keep you from betting. You have to know exactly what each signal means for this specific player, and you can't do it without close attention.

The next section will begin the self-examination process necessary to master tellls. First, we will look at some of the attitudes and skills that separate the winners and losers. Do you hesitate and look left sometimes while playing a hand?

Those words may do more to improve your game than any others you will ever read. If you just hesitate to think for a moment, you will definitely improve your decisions. This quick pause will give you a chance to ask yourself questions such as the following. Why have they checked or bet or whatever? What should I do now? If you doubt the value of hesitating, just remember all the times you acted quickly, then wondered: Why did I do that?

If you develop the habit of looking left before acting, you will often see telegraphs. A better player is less obvious, but even he may sometimes telegraph his intentions. Their signals are usually subtle, but, if you look for them in almost any game, you'll be amazed at both how often they occur and the number of people who miss them.

However, be careful not to pause too long. A quick glance should pick up 90 percent of the information that you could get from a longer look. Taking too much time in hope of causing people to act out of turn slows down the game, irritates many people, can make the game seem too serious (which can turn off the mood to gamble), and can be seen - correctly - as "angle-shooting." Get the information you need, but keep the game moving.


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