Kara Scott

Kara Scott hot In the poker world, 'Great Scott' is not just an expression: it is actually well known for being the nickname of Kara Scott, one of the hottest female player you'd see playing at a poker table.

Kara was born in Alberta, Canada on August 11, 1977. She moved to the United Kingdom and stayed there for about 10 years until she moved again in 2009 to California this time.

One unique thing about her is that she actually trained in Muay Thai back in Canada. She had also been a host of a martial arts show which she would eventually produce later on. She even starred in the film Sucker Punch which involved some martial arts.

Aside from her smoking hot looks, Kara Scott also has a charming personality and a sharp wit to boot. This allowed her to to pursue a career hosting several games like High Stakes Backgammon and the 2006 World Series of Backgammon.

Kara first joined the world of poker when she hosted Poker Night Live. She was quickly taken in by the game and she was soon writing columns for magazines and was published in Card Player and in Poker Player Magazine.

In 2007, she hosted the European Poker Tour and she accepted a job as one of the hosts in Sky Poker. However, she left a year later when she decided that she wanted to try her hand in actually playing poker as opposed to just talking and writing about it.

Kara Scott started competing in tournaments and mainly joined in celebrity events. She won some cash in the first and second events she played and went on to finish as 6th place in the PartyPoker World - Women's Open.

The first tournament that she won was in 2008 in the PartyPoker Sports Star Challenge. In the following year, she bagged 2nd place at the Irish Open.

She became even more famous after she participated for the first time ever in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Scott was recognized as one of the last few women standing when she finished at the 104th place among 6,844 players and brought home $41,816.

She played more tournaments and earned more money. As of last year, she had amassed more than half a million dollars from her winnings in poker tournaments alone. In 2010, she also went back to hosting High Stakes Poker on television and writing blog posts for Party Poker's website but she still remains one of the prettiest and hottest players to have graced the poker tables.


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